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The process of buying or selling a vehicle is usually straightforward but both buyers and sellers can leave themselves open to becoming the victim of fraud or other crimes. Be careful not to let the excitement of buying or selling a vehicle compromise your safety or your money.

Remember, if it looks too good to be true, it usually is. The advice below is to help you avoid being a victim of crime.

It is your responsibility to satisfy yourself that a transaction is legitimate. disclaims all liability and responsibility arising from any reliance placed on information published on the site.

If you would like to report an advertisement you believe is fraudulent please feel free to notify us, contact action fraud.

Buying Tips

  1. LSL will NEVER contact you to ask you for account or personal details.
  2. Check that the price of the car is in-line with the market. We all love a bargain, but a price that’s “too good to be true” is often a sign of fraud.  If a car appears under-priced, ask the seller questions surrounding the valuation to satisfy yourself that the transaction is legitimate.
  3. Do not transfer any funds to a seller before you have seen the car in person. Most fraudulent activity draws you in to transfer money before seeing the car. Whilst some services may be legitimate, our firm advice is to never transfer funds until you have satisfied yourself with all factors in this list which need to be done in person.
  4. The seller should be able to display documents including Shipping documents, Vehicle License which lists the address the vehicle is registered to. Check this against the address you have visited to inspect the car and also match it up with the insurance document.
  5. Always inspect any car you are looking to purchase and take it for a test drive. This should be done from the forecourt of a car dealership or, in the case of private sales, from somebody’s home address. Don’t agree to buy from a lay-by or service station, even if the seller offers to meet you half way.
  6. Never send your personal, financial or bank details to a seller or anyone.
  7. When you are happy to go ahead and buy, look to pay in such a way that you can track your money (for instance by debit card or bank transfer), and remember that cash transactions cannot be tracked.
  8. Above all, make sure you are completely satisfied before you hand over a penny or make any commitments. Your instinct is one of your best tools, so don't be afraid to use it.




Selling Tips

  1. As much as possible never accept cash payments from buyers, if you must ensure it is done in a bank where the money can be checked for fake and deposited immediately.
  2. Never leave a potential buyer alone with the keys or allow them to go on a test drive without you. You may wish to take a friend or family member along with you for the test drive, and don’t be afraid to stop it early if the potential buyer drives dangerously.
  3. Don’t rely on Cheque payments, if you must collect cheque payment then ensure the car is in your possession until the cheque is cleared and you have received full payment.
  4. Don’t take down your Ad from LSL until you have received full payment for the vehicle.
  5. Do not keep originals in vehicle until you have sold it and money has been received then you can handover the originals to the buyer.
  6. When going for inspection to a prospective buyer always ensure you don’t go alone, always take a trusted person with you.
  7. As a private seller, you are responsible for making sure that the description you have given of the vehicle is accurate. Details in the advertisement, such as mileage and whether or not the vehicle has a full service history, should be correct. If the buyer asks whether the vehicle has been involved in any accidents, you should answer honestly. It is illegal to mislead the buyer and you are liable for this should anything go wrong.
  8. Above all, make sure you are completely satisfied before you hand over the car keys or make any commitments. Your instinct is one of your best tools, so don't be afraid to use it.



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