Seller Agreement Form


  1. I hereby authorize LSL to advertise my car to potential buyers through various media channels at no expense to me, except the 5% commission after an LSL buyer purchases my vehicle.
  2. By completing this Form you accept that 5% commission of the value of which your car is sold to an LSL Buyer is remitted to LSL.
  3. By completing this electronic Agreement Form, LSL has the right to take any legal action against you if i fail to remit its 5% commission of the value of which my car was sold to an LSL Buyer.
  4. Defaulting on remittance of the 5% commission for vehicle sold to an LSL Buyer, LSL reserves the sole right to permanently terminate your Seller account on its website.


Who is an LSL buyer?

Anyone who comes across any LSL advert of your vehicle and purchases your vehicle based on the advert. The buyer is entitled to free Vehicle tracking and Comprehensive insurance from LSL depending on car value.


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Locomo Services Limited(LSL) is a global auto consulting company. We offer one of the safest and easiest car Buying and Selling online platform.

LSL partners with industry leaders to provide quality vehicle tracking, insurance, spare parts, loans to our esteemed site users at competitive pricing.

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